Compare the Advantages

View the differences between renting, owning, and joining a cooperative.

We've put together a table of information below to show you the main differences and advantages to joining a cooperative compared to renting or owning a home. Have questions after reading? Feel free to contact our office!

Cooperative Plan



Monthly Cost

Your monthly payments are amazingly low. You pay only actual costs.

The tenant must pay what the landlord asks.

The owner’s monthly expenses are much higher.

Total Cost

Your costs are cut to the bone: longest mortgage terms, special low interest rate, controlled builder fee, no closing cost or broker fee.

The tennant’s rent includes high cost of commercial construction and financing.

The owner pays for higher mortgage interest rates, uncontrolled profits, and closing costs.


You and other townhouse residents together are the sole owners of the property. You occupy the home of your choice for as long as you wish.

The tenant owns nothing (except a pile of rent receipts).

The owner is completely responsible for his house.


You have no personal liability - you sign no mortgage or note.

The tenant has no personal liability.

The owner is personally liable for the mortgage and note.


Your cooperative takes care of your townhouse inside and out (except decorating and personal improvements).

The tenant has no control over maintenance standards.

The owner is fully responsible for all repairs.


Your family and every other family each have one vote in election of directors. Business affairs are handled by a professional management firm.

The tenant has no voice whatsoever in management.

The owner alone is responsible for all decisions...and mistakes!

Community Control

You help establish policy, rules and standards for your community.

The tenant has no control.

The owner has no jurisdiction, except in court.

If you have to Move

You give notice if you want to move, and a very modest resale charge is all you pay.

The tenant is bound by a lease drawn up by his landlord.

The owner’s equity depends on market factors beyond his control.

Increase in Value

Your membership can increase in value under a formula written into your co-op By-Laws. You can get credit for improvements.

The tenant gains no increase in value.

The owner’s equity depends on market factors beyond his control.

Tax Benefit

You deduct from your income tax report everything paid for interest.

The tenant has little or no tax benefit.

The owner can deduct interest and taxes.


Your cooperative has reserve funds waiting in the bank to replace items as they wear out.

The tenant must wait for the landlord to decide when and if to make replacements.

The owner must foot the bill for replacements.

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