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Our Cooperative

Westerfield Townhouses Cooperative is a group of 258 townhouse dwelling units. We have one, two and three bedroom units for you to consider. These 258 townhouses are owned by the Cooperative Corporation. Each family who resides in one of the townhouses is a shared (member) in the entire Cooperative. There are no other persons who have an ownership interest in the development besides the people that live there.

Why Rent...When You Can Buy Equity

Westerfield offers a unique alternative to home buying or renting for modest income individuals and families. It’s luxury living with one easy payment a month without worrying about taxes, or mortgage payments. Your membership/equity regularly increases in value for as long as you live at Westerfield Townhouses, Inc.

What Can I Expect In Maintenance Service?

Routine maintenance is provided by the Cooperative for all things that are “standard equipment” in the dwelling units, including the stove, refrigerator, water, heater, furnace, and all plumbing and electrical systems. The Cooperative does expect that each member family will take normal care in the upkeep of the dwelling unit and the standard equipment.

When I Purchase A Membership, Will I Own My Unit?

No, not in the same sense that you would own a house. You purchase a share, or membership in the Cooperative. It is not a payment on a particular dwelling. It is a share in the homes of all the members, and in jointly owned community facilities - play areas, parking areas, community house, etc. For this payment you receive a Membership certificate (your proof of membership) and you sign an Occupancy Agreement, which establishes your right to occupy a specific dwelling unit and spells out the rules you and your neighbors must observe to live together in harmony.

Do I Qualify?

Each applicant must meet income and credit requirements as established by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). An application form is available. You will receive a Membership Handbook at the time you move in. This book will help to advise you of all the Cooperative conditions and policies.

May I Decorate My Unit?

The Board of Directors, from time to time, makes regulations regarding such things as improvements of units. At the time you move in, you will be supplied with copies of all current rules and regulations. However, you are always encouraged to make your unit more pleasant for yourself and the Cooperative as long as it is done within the guidelines provided.

Just What Are The Legal Regulations?

The Cooperative is a non-profit corporation. Your membership (as evidenced by your Membership Certificate and Occupancy Agreement) entitles you to an equal share in the Co-op, to provide use of your dwelling unit, and to vote (one vote per family unit) in the operation of the Corporation. The legal documents involved are available, and copies will be given to you when you move in. They include: (a) Articles of Incorporation; (b) By-Laws; (c) Regulatory Agreement; and (d) various Board of Directors adopted regulations. The Board of Directors meetings are open to all members.

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